They’re Here: Photo Contest Contenders!

Thank you, thank you for sending your vacation photos.

I had a fabulous time viewing them and reading your stories.

This excerpt from Carina reminds me of SO many of our family vacations it made me giggle all the way through:

It was time to make a decision which two (seriously, only two???) pictures were most suitable of telling the story of our ‘roadtrip of a lifetime’… Was it going to be a picture of the French sea gull who harassed us right before entering the ferry to England? Or maybe one of the 50 pictures of my kids glued to a British ‘telly’ (yes, they are seriously addicted, is there a 12-step programme for that?), Or maybe a picture of us sitting in a hospital awaiting the doctor’s verdict on Roos’ weird rash (which turned out to be scarlet fever), oh wait, I didn’t take any pictures then because I was just too freakin’ worried!…  Or a picture of Hein, our baby, who kept massaging his gums with his tongue, because (as we found out halfway through our trip) he was having his first tooth (which was also why he didn’t want his pacifier anymore AND kept crying all of the night, every night…) Decisions, decisions, decisions…

I feel your pain, Carina!

  • I’ve had to find a pediatrician in Vietnam to examine my non-pooping baby.  (Turns out, when they don’t poop for a week straight you find yourself really, really wanting them to.)
  • I’ve begged my husband to pee on our daughter when she got a hideous jellyfish sting in Mexico.  (He wouldn’t, by the way, so I made our son do it.  “Pee on your sister!  I am NOT kidding!  Do it right now!”  That boy can perform under pressure.)
  • I was so worried about having a screaming baby in an airplane on descent that I caught myself repeatedly whispering “you suck, baby — you suck, baby — you suck, baby” hoping to encourage ear-popping pacifier action.  Turns out, your seatmates think you’re deranged when you rock and whisper “you suck” to your child.

After viewing the memorable vacation pics below, please vote for your favorite in the comments section.  Or, if you’re anxious to keep your vote confidential (what if you don’t want to vote for your friend?), feel free to send your vote to me at  I’ll tabulate the votes and announce the winners this Friday, January 21st.

Here are the contenders for our contest:

1.  Wind Ferry, submitted by Carina.


Carina writes: Here you see my and my kids on the ferry from Calais (France) to Brighton (England). We almost got blown away but we had to take a picture up on the deck of course! As you can see I put the youngest in the sling for safekeeping and the eldest two in matching brightly coloured orange shirts so I wouldn't risk losing any of them (cause I just don't trust them I guess 😉 Do I hear 'overprotective mom'? Yes, guilty as charged, but it freaked me out a bit, the boat ride...

2.  Beach Kids, submitted by Sally:

Karate Kid


Walk Like a (Peaceful?) Egyptian

3.  Ireland’s Next Top Model, by Sarah:

Sarah writes: This is what happens when your husband grows luscious, flowing locks. This is Bubba posing for Ireland's Next Top Model during our vaca there this past August. He made the locals stare, though he would say it's because they were jealous. I'm not so sure.

4.  One of These Kids Is Not Like The Others, by Evie:


Evie writes: My inlaws lakehouse. We go every summer for a month and a bunch of our friends meet us. One day during the week we hold pajama swimming morning. This is the picture I took before they jumped in. All the parents were super excited about this 'great' photo until we noticed Joseph.

5. Me and My Men, by Sally:


Sally writes: Me and my Zulu men 1997ish

6.  Family iChristmas, by Evie:


Evie writes: This is my brood attempting to take a Christmas card picture. Yes, they are huddled around my iPhone. Yes, I used it.

7.  The Giant’s Shoe, by Carina:


Carina writes: Koen & Roos sunbathing on 'The Giant's Boot' ('laars' in Dutch). We visited Giant's Causeway on the Northern Irish coast with our friends. At Giant's Causeway there are many rock formations and the legend goes that the giant Finn MacCool had something to do with it (which is of course a great story to tell a 5 and 3 year-old!) and this rock they're laying on here is supposed to be the giant's boot! And what better way to enjoy a big rock then to climb on top of it and catch some rays of Irish sunshine? 🙂

Now that you’ve viewed them, make sure you vote for your favorite in the comments section or by email to  I’ll tabulate the votes and announce the winners this Friday.

Good luck!


ABOUT BETH WOOLSEY I'm a writer. And a mess. And mouthy, brave, and strong. I believe we all belong to each other. I believe in the long way 'round. And I believe, always, in grace in the grime and wonder in the wild of a life lived off course from what was, once, a perfectly good plan.
  1. My vote goes to Carina’s: The Giant’s Shoe. I know that people 😛

  2. My vote goes to Carina!

  3. My vote goes to Carina 😀

  4. I vote for Carina

  5. My vote goes to the two cuties on the giant’s boot!
    So Carina here’s my vote!
    I watched those two when Hein came to this world, they weren’t so quiet then….

    Vera xxx

  6. My vote goes to Carina, the giant’s boot!

    Love Viv

  7. My vote goes to Carina’s: The Giant’s Shoe. I love it

  8. My vote goes to Carina’s “the giant’s boot”.
    What a lovely picture!

  9. My vote goes to Wind Ferry, submitted by Carina. I love that picture!!!

  10. I vote for Sally and her cute boys 🙂

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  12. I vote for Koen and Roos on the big Rock-Shoe! But I laughed really hard at Carina’s comment about the Ferry ride, overprotective? yes, but UNDERSTANDABLE….. I wouldn’t want to lose those cutie-pies either!

    1. Aw, thanks hon! Yeah, you wouldn’t want me to lose ’em and thus taking away the chance for you to FINALLY meet them, right?

  13. And the winner (of my vote) is…
    Carina & her very ferry kids 😉

    1. LOL Nataca!

  14. My vote goes to Carina and her children on the ferry to England!

  15. My vote goes to Carina and her two wonderful kids sunbathing in the boot, Love the story and the picture.

  16. My vote goes to Carina’s picture with her kids on the boat….very cute picture

  17. I vote for Carina’s picture of the giant’s boot with the kids sunbathing. So cute!

  18. I vote for Carina’s picture of the kids on the giant boot! And, btw, kudos to Carina to not voting on her own picture! 🙂

    1. thanks nic! 🙂

  19. Such great photos that it is hard to decide! After much thought, I vote for Family iChristmas.

  20. I vote for the Family iChristmas. Love it!

  21. Can I have two votes? I’m torn between Sarah’s “Ireland’s Next Top Model” (makes me giggle every time I see it… even better paired w/the story) and Sally’s “Me and My Men” (love the happy smiles, the contrasting skin tones, and, most of all, how Sally’s outfit/accessories/hair totally capture 1997. LOVE!).

  22. And before I forget: my vote definitely goes to Sally&her Zulumen, such a great picture, such a contrast, love the way the dark&light skins clash! Love it!

  23. so my husband just told me he voted for our pictures, but I don’t see anything on here… hmmmm… could it be that he was shy and wanted to remain anonymous? 😉

  24. I gotta vote for “Family iChristmas” by Evie. Hysterical and I can so relate.

  25. My vote goes to Sarah and her “Ireland’s Next Top Model.” Love the photo and the story. 🙂

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