8 Days of Giveaways! Day EIGHT: Just Short and Sweet

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8 Days of Giveaways:

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Just Short and Sweet

Here we are! Day EIGHT already of 8 Days of Giveaways, and we definitely get to go out on top, because today I get to give away a fun, trendy, brass necklace with thanks to my childhood friend, Blythe Rhoads who makes cool things AND is working to make life better for our friends across the world in Africa through her work with Ever Increasing Children’s School in Bukasa Village, Uganda. I cannot easily express how incredibly inspired I am by people like Blythe — and so many of our other artists featured this week — who seek to love our neighbors well and who remember we’re all neighbors.

blythe&stephcraftworkshopAbout Just Short and Sweet:

We are Blythe & Stephani…roommates & friends who love Jesus, pizza, estate sales, and all things crafty & handmade. We live in sunny Southern California. We opened an Etsy shop in January 2015 out of an unceasing desire to make pretty things that inspire and bring others JOY. This October, we hosted our very first Craft Workshop, where like-minded lovers of handmade goodness gathered together and expressed their creativity by making three quality crafts…to gift or keep! We can’t wait to host more workshops in 2016.

The Giveaway: A Just Short and Sweet brass necklace (as pictured above). This unique brass necklace is lightweight and super versatile. It will go with everything in your closet, and will soon be your go-to necklace! It makes a super chic (and affordable) gift, and is made from three pieces of hand cut brass pipe and waxed cotton cord, making it both nickel-free and vegan. The cord measures 33″ around at longest length and 16″ around at shortest length, and the brass pendant is 1″ wide by 3.5″ long. Simply adjust the size by *carefully* sliding the knots closer together to make it longer, or farther apart to make it shorter. They are double knotted for extra security, and lightly burned to seal the ends and protect against unraveling. This necklace is available on a black or brown cord.

TO ENTER, simply leave a comment on this blog post anytime until 11:59pm Pacific Time on Thursday, December 17. (Psst… don’t enter on Facebook— though I LOVE comments there and read every one, I’m using the blog comment string to randomly select a winner). Any comment will work to enter, but if you’d like a prompt, let us know what prayer or wish you have for a place in this world that stirs your heart. For example, I’d say, “The Syrian refugee families are in my prayers,” or “I wish for peace and rest from the violence we see around the world.” It’s a way of waving in the dark, I think, to see each other’s laments and offer a piece of our heart to them.

This giveaway is now closed.
Congratulations to Alison of the Hairline Fracture Blog! Check your email for all the details.

Do Note: For those of you who wish to purchase a necklace, $1 of each sale will be donated to Ever Increasing Children’s School in Bukasa Village, Uganda, Africa and will be used for school supplies, meals, and teacher salaries. For more information on Blythe’s work with her dad in Uganda, check out their other Etsy shop here and blog here.

Also: You can also find Just Short and Sweet on Instagram, Facebook and the World Wide Web, and you can always contact Blythe and Stephani by email at justshortandsweetshop@gmail.com.

Also-also: The artists selected for this giveaway were hand-picked by yours truly. They did not pay for these spots, nor do I benefit in any financial way by hosting these. Emotionally? I get a HUGE benefit. ‘Cause this stuff makes me happy. Each artist received a spot on the right sidebar (or, if you’re viewing on your mobile, at the bottom of the page) to advertise his/her stuff (hint: you can catch a preview there of what’s coming over the next few days), which is my gift to them to thank them for partnering with me. They’re rad.

ABOUT BETH WOOLSEY I'm a writer. And a mess. And mouthy, brave, and strong. I believe we all belong to each other. I believe in the long way 'round. And I believe, always, in grace in the grime and wonder in the wild of a life lived off course from what was, once, a perfectly good plan.
  1. You and your friends are the best!

    Also, I can’t believe you made 8 days in a row. Go you!

  2. I pray for the end of anti-semitism and religious fanaticism

  3. I am a nurse, and I pray for the patients on our unit and their families,
    Especially this time of year.

  4. I pray for children without homes, whether because they are orphaned, or refugees, or living in poverty. And I pray for those who can make a difference for those children, whether permanently or just for a moment in time, that they will know the good they ought to do and do it.

  5. I pray that the world would know we are Christians by our love. I pray that we can be the ones out there loving, and not worrying quite so much about everything else. I pray that we can put down our ideologies and fears and disagreements and reach out in love.

  6. LOVE this necklace, and LOVE Blythe! <3

    My prayer is that we love refugees, and all people, with the tender mercy of Jesus. Lord, may it be true.

  7. I hope that the Paris Accord actually means something. That we finally move toward something more sane on gun control. That we show compassion and grace towards those that are fleeing from violence, economic displacement, and other atrocities. And that my baby grows up to see a world that feels like it’s getting incrementally better, rather than incrementally worse.

  8. What a beautiful necklace! I have had fun with your giveaway, so thank you!
    My prayer is two-fold. On my heart this Christmas are the refugees in the world, from all the different countries, where they are fleeing persecution, fear, and death. Also on my heart are the families dealing with illness or the loss of a loved one, for whom the season feels that much more poignant or sad because of it. Waving in the dark at the people out there who are touched by illness or loss.

  9. Thank you for sharing your connections to all of the amazing artists! I especially love the necklace – so simple and elegant.
    One of my prayers this season (among many) is for families with really really sick kiddos. Or those who are dealing with the recent loss of a baby child. Breaks my heart and every day I’m thankful for my healthy girls. Waving in the dark to those who are struggling through the season.

  10. I pray for our world leaders, that they be filled with compassion and peace.

  11. That’s a beautiful necklace!

  12. Day 8!!

  13. There are a lot of people who need prayer. I’m trying to hold them in the light.

  14. I pray that we will learn to love and respect others, no matter who they are or what God they worship.

  15. My prayers are for the children and families in Central America. Thank you for your hearts.

  16. That necklace is beautiful

  17. I pray for the refugee parents whose babies don’t have a safe place to lay their heads.

  18. Burma/Myanmar has been on my heart since High school. Beautiful jewelry!

  19. I’m praying for the children in South Africa whose parents have died from AIDS. They are then cast out of their villages and become street kids. 🙁

  20. I pray for teen moms.

  21. I pray for all those who put themselves out there to protect the rest of us.

  22. These days I wish for thoughtful conversation and decisive action on guns. My heart breaks every day when I read the news.

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