Kitten Watch Update: July 11

I adore the teeny white bow above Ms. Lyra’s mouth. She’s a gorgeous girl and, along with Quency, one of the floofiest floofers. Also, she’s one of the goofiest goofers. When this one’s awake, she’s zipping and zooming every damn where. It’s taken me DAYZ to get a good shot of her little bow tie lip.

Alula and Lynx can’t come to the phone right now. I’m afraid they were no match for this beam of sunlight. It is their kryptonite. If we ever want to see them awake again, we must pray for clouds. ...  read more

Kitten Watch Update: July 10

The 10 Stages of Bathing Children:
1. Wrestle squirmy babies into the tub.

2. Wash while they wiggle.

3. Wash while they wriggle.

4. Wash while they bite each other.

5. Wash while they kick you in the face.

6. Wonder how this became your life.

7. Think about how you used to use your time and talents.

8. Contemplate the choices that led you to this moment. ...  read more

Kitten Watch Update: July 9

I don’t want to disparage one kitten and praise another—that’s no way to foster OR parent—but the fact remains that Qubit sat next to Greg’s shoe and DID NOTHING while Quasar attacked and defended us from its nefarious plans. We are SAFE TODAY thanks to Quasar’s bravery.

I call this little series of 3 photos “Every Tired Mommy” ‘cause I feel this in my bones. I AM SPENT. TALK TO THE HAND. And my favorite photo, the last one, where Mama Quantum has her left hand over Radia’s mouth…shhhhhhhhh, baby, let Mommy sleep. ...  read more

Kitten Watch Update: July 8

Today on “Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me!” we have Good News Thursday…all weight related.

Weight, Weight Good News Announcement 1: This little muppet made weight yesterday! Mary is *almost* one whole pound which means she got her first set of vaccines. HOORAY FOR MARY! And hooray for Jane, too—although it was less of a surprise that Jane made weight, we’re equally thrilled she has her first set of vaccines on board, as well. ...  read more

Kitten Watch Update: July 7

Mama Leap with her little mini-me, Jane. These two look sooooo much alike, and as I learn Janey’s personality, I realize they ACT alike, too. They’re both tender souls who want nothing as much as affection from the Humans.

And I’ve been trying to figure out why it means even MORE to me that Janey and Leap aren’t biologically related. As a mother of children who came to me by way of adoption and biology, I couldn’t care less which of my babies look like me. I ADORE that our family is a mix and mash of skin tone and personalities, talents and quirks, preferences and pet peeves. We’re the most wonderful weirdos I know. Heavy on the wonderful, and EXTRA on the weird. ...  read more

Kitten Watch Update: July 6

Leo says peekaboo. Me, too. We’ve both been hidey for a few days, and now we’re poking our heads back up.

A week ago, I was feeling anxious. Panicky. Full of murky dread. This is what happens with a Wonky Brain. Inexplicable, unreasonable fear. For me, mostly at night. That’s when my monsters come out. And it doesn’t matter that it isn’t logical and doesn’t make sense. At night when it’s under the weather, mentally speaking, the Wonky Brain doesn’t play the Sense-Making Game. ...  read more

Kitten Watch Update: July 1

“From the playboys to the gay boys, go and slay, boys.” Lizzo

Quasar & Quency. Boys slaying. 💖

“After a while, you learn to ignore the names people call you and just trust who you are.” Shrek

Qubit and Radia agree with Shrekish wisdom. Trust who you are, friends. This was, perhaps, the hardest lesson I had to learn in adulthood. Trust your gut. Listen to your heart. Abandon the rules that keep you from yourself. Whether you call it the Still Small Voice or the Holy Spirit or your conscience or your heart or your gut, there is a Good and Beautiful Thing inside. It will guide you. You’ll know it’s talking when it reminds you you’re brave and worthy of infinite love exactly as you already are. The Voice is kind. It’s gentle. Sometimes I have to be very, very quiet and shush my Lizard Brain. But it’s there, friends. I swear it. ...  read more