Archimedes’ Principle

Cai and Cael, our 4-year-old twin boys, took a bath tonight.

Cai accused me of overfilling the tub because the water ran out of the overflow drain when he got in.

I did overfill the tub, but I don’t like being wrong a whole lot (read: at all).

So I thought I ought to correct Cai’s idea of my wrongness.  Because I’m mature that way.

I explained the law of water displacement. ...  read more

Inquiring Minds

Cai and Cael, age two, were in the bathtub together playing with plastic Easter eggs.

Cael, the more scientifically minded of the two, decided to run an experiment.

First, Cael discovered that the wider, shorter portion of the egg better cups his man parts.

Second, Cael filled a half of an egg with his urine.  This exhibited the excellent bladder control that has come with potty training, as he was able to turn his faucet on and then off to ensure that the liquid level was just so. ...  read more