The Power of Cataclysm: An Authenticity Project Guest Post by Melanie Weidner


Dearest Friends,

From April 8-20, I’ve asked some friends whose hearts I trust to participate in The Authenticity Project. The goal? To share something true. I gave these folks very loose parameters — no word count, no guidelines, no rules to follow — and I asked them to be free with what’s real for them these days, whether that reality is thoughtful or funny or poignant or ridiculous. I hope you enjoy meeting these people as much as I enjoy counting them among my friends. ...  read more

Happy Something: A Guest Post by Molly Brumfield

This is a guest post from my friend Molly who attended the most recent Magic in the Mess Writing Retreat. I’m super excited to introduce you to Molly today and to feature this piece, which I SO understand, titled “Happy Something!” Enjoy, friends.


(Psst… the next writing retreat is in June, and there’s only a couple spots left! And there’s also a spiritual formation retreat in June. I’d love to have you come join me!) ...  read more

What Can I NOT Do Today? A Guest Post by Shawna

What Can I NOT Do Today?
by Shawna of Not The Former Things

I have always, always been a planner person.

This has been true since a very young age – I remember when I was four years old, I wanted my mom’s written-in calendar so much, I would’ve preferred it to any toy. I begged to go to the office supply section at every grocery store, just to stare longingly at the pens and pads of paper. When I was in college, I spent way too much of my scholarship fund in the bookstore. Even today, when a friend pulls out her planner, I have to take a look. It’s been a part of me as long as I can remember. ...  read more

When Imperfection Looks More Like Love: A Family and Imperfection Writing Contest Runner-Up by Dominique Dobson

A Family and Imperfection Writing Contest
Honorable Mention

When Imperfection Looks More Like Love
by Dominique Dobson

I feel like I’m in rehab. I have spent the last 16 years convincing everyone, myself included, that my husband and I lived a near-flawless life. Oh, we struggled with the standard first world problems… “Frontier can’t get out fast enough to repair our Fios,” “Dance and soccer have practice at the same time,” “I don’t want to do Thanksgiving with your mom – she always burns the turkey.” But as far as those around us knew (and as far as I did, for many years), our relationship was idyllic. It never occurred to me that the bumps in our road were any bigger or different than those of any couple around us – those bumps were just something you don’t share with friends and family. You keep them hidden away in the dark and put on a shining face for those around you. ...  read more

Enough: A Family and Imperfection Writing Contest Runner-Up by Michelle Frindell

A Family and Imperfection Writing Contest
Honorable Mention

by Michelle Frindell

He comes by when I am vulnerable and anxious and out of control.  Hormones fling wide the door.  Sleeplessness and hunger flash beacons to him.

You are not good enough.  Not smart enough.  Not selfless enough.  Not competent enough.

Sometimes he shouts, but mostly he whispers, insidious as a serpent.  You’re wrong.  You’re foolish.  You’re unworthy.  You’re not enough. ...  read more

On Doing It All, Not on My Own: A Family and Imperfection Writing Contest Winning Entry by Mandy Smith

A Family and Imperfection Writing Contest
Winning Entry

On Doing It All, Not on My Own
by Mandy Smith

I’m pretty sure that when you walk into the OB’s office and tell everyone you meet as you check in, “Oh yeah, this is definitely the LAST one, because four kids under five is my limit,” you’re guaranteed to have twins. Because you didn’t already feel like you were drowning in diapers and laundry and making sure everyone got fed.  ...  read more