On Trying, Failing, and the Importance of Showing Up

I can think no better way to usher in my 38th birthday than by running a half-marathon.

Woohoo!  The wind in my hair.  Legs hitting the pavement in a steady thump-thump.  Butt rising and ker-plopping with each stride.

Coincidentally, I turn 38 this Thursday, October 13th and I’m registered to run a half-marathon on Sunday the 16th.

My friend, Abbie, and I agreed to run this half-marathon together.  Not only did we agree to run it, we actually agreed on what running means. ...  read more

My Before

Last week, I wrote about Feelin’ Groovy, or choosing to be in a groove instead of in a rut.

One of my current, generalized, I’ll-have-no-idea-when-I-actually-achieve-it goals is to live a healthy, active life.

That’s been a particular challenge and something that has taken an incredible amount of head space.

I was a healthy weight as a child. ...  read more