Writing Contest: Family and Imperfection

It’s time! It’s here!

I’m very excited to announce our first WRITING CONTEST is officially open for submissions. Our theme is Family and Imperfection, and parameters are loosey-goosey because, as a writer myself, I find the best work comes from the heart and not from a precise word count or writing style.

If you’re a writer, take a shot! ENTER. If you’re not a writer, share this with your writing friends; trust me, telling a writer friend you thought of them – that you think they’ve got what it takes to make this writing gig happen, that they have stories worth telling – is life-giving encouragement. If it wasn’t for a few people who relentlessly encouraged me and continuously urged me to KEEP WRITING, I wouldn’t be here with all of you today; instead, I’d still have what my kids call a “real job” where I “help people” and not a “pretend job” where I “think about myself all day.” And man, that would suck. ...  read more